In the period 01.05-01.08.2015 there were gathered and analyzed over 100 international instruments, legislation, good practices relating to the management of NGOs and major activities that place every organization.

The focus was management of educational activities and informal methods which use each organization in training courses and workshops. As a result we created a recommending methodology for the management of training activities and projects based on ISO 29990. The manual is divided into two parts, with the first combining theoretical foundations of governance, and the second are given specific examples and guidelines. The methodology claims to carry universal character due to the fact that it was created on the basis of the Basic (adopted) documents, best practices and especially the standard of quality in non-formal education.

The purpose of the activities was related to the creation of the final version of the methodology for youth trainers and youth leaders for the management and implementation of training activities and management of NGOS – print and electronic version. To the main part of the methodology, established on the basis of the quality standard ISO 29990 are complemented and materials related to the specific work of youth trainers in conducting an youth non-formal training activities (workshops, training’s). Each of the project partners received the printed and electronic versions of the methodology, and it was distributed to more than 100 youth trainers in 8 countries. Each partner provided the methodology of the youth leaders who implemented the document during their training sessions. The aim was to obtain feedback on the application of the methodology in the training course.   


  1. Developed methodology (electronic and print) for youth trainers, on the basis of a Standard of quality in non-formal education ISO 29990
  2. Developed methodology (electronic and print) for youth leaders, on the basis of a Standard of quality in non-formal education ISO 29990 common methodology and obtained feedback to over 100 youth trainers and leaders in 8 countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, Ghana, Brazil, United Kingdom).
  3. Increased capacity of over 150 youth trainers and leaders in their work in conducting the informal youth educational activities

Set up a network of youth trainers and youth workers/leaders who apply the methodology and system for carrying out their current job as trainers and coaches.



Materials of conducting and monitoring:

Cover Managment manual copy                                                          Cover trainer manual

Management Manual                                                                                                           Train the Trainers Manual


Other materials:

Development and monitoring of NGOs

European practices for developmetn of NGOs

Financial managemet for NGOs

Global education


How To Organize Community Meetings

How to Start an NGO

LLL strategy

Local participantion of the NGOs

Mechanisms for NGOs

Naruchnik NGO development

NGO Leadership

NGOs in Bulgaria monitoring

Non formal education

Policy recommendations_BG

PR Development

The NGO quality standards

Validate of the competences


Annex 1_EN

NAWA Service Contract

NFA- training needs analysis

NFE-curricula for English

NFE-Education policy 2009

NFE-Guidelines for Training Needs Assessment


NFE-Legislation for Education Pakistan

NFE-National Policies and Strategies

NFE-NAWA methodology for non formal education

NFE-NFBE Community School Pakistan

NFE-Pakistan first

NFE curriculum

NFE-Pre course Questionnaire

NFE-Review of Non formal education

NFE-Standards for Basic Literacy

NFE-Structure of National Literacy Agency of Pakistan

NGO accounting guideline

NGO business_plan

NGO Code of Conduct Pakistan

NGO ECC approves framework to regulate NGOs

NGO Job description for manager Hr

NGO Performance Apprisal NGO Reg1 NGO registration act 1961-62

ngo regulation in pakistan

NGO Standards for office record

NGO Standards

NGO Training Need Analysis Form

NGO Training Procedure

NGO Training Record

NGO Training Schedule

NGO-Procudure standards for ngo


Annex 1_EN

Ficha de Inscricao

Ficha de Matricula